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Is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Effective at Blocking Sound in Windows?

Posted by Gary Fiedtkou

Our sales email is often filled with some interesting questions. Recently we received an inquiry on whether or not mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is effective at blocking sound through windows. The short answer is that it could potentially work, but there could be some drawbacks. Let’s dive into those drawbacks for this application.

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Topics: Mass loaded vinyl, MLV, noise pollution, mlv curtain

Why Choose one MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) Over the Other?

Posted by Brittney Fells

There are a variety of noise barriers on the market that meet the physical performance requirements of virtually any acoustical application. In the industrial insulation world, mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is a key acoustical component for mechanical insulation projects. This blog will discuss the different MLV noise barrier products available and what applications they are best for.

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Topics: Noise barrier, Mass loaded vinyl, Noise Control, Sound Transmission, Noise reduction materials

How to Eliminate Noise in an Industrial Environment

Posted by Brittney Fells


Mechanical piping systems can produce significant noise if they are not properly insulated. A well designed acoustical lagging system, will provide effective noise reduction and also block noise. If the reduction of noise is required, Vinaflex™ VP is the answer.

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Topics: noise reduction, Mass loaded vinyl, lagging system, MLV

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