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Insulation Tips for Breweries

Posted by Brittney Fells

Recently we supplied insulation for a small brewery tank manufacturer, and it got us thinking that we should share our insulation tips for breweries because many of us are not aware of the role that properly insulated equipment plays in creating a perfect, cold brewed beer.

  1. Brewing requires both cold and hot temperatures, and therefore different forms of insulation should be used throughout the facility. Traditional insulation materials can be used such as fiberglass and stone wool with an all-service jacket (ASJ), or with PVC jackets, PVC elbows and fittings, elastomeric, and mastics.


  1. Breweries also require the appropriate insulation and PVC or metal jacketing because these facilities have frequent hot wash downs with caustic solutions. The sugar involved in the brewing process can increase the risk of mold growth, which can contaminate the beer. Also, the high humidity inside the brewery creates water-vapor transmission, something that has to be taken into consideration when selecting an insulation.


  1. Cold lines carrying coolants need to be insulated as well. The insulation is necessary as it provides burn and freeze protection. Insulation will prevent ice from forming on the pipe exteriors, which can deprive the system of energy and efficiency.


  1. Hot piping requires insulation as well. If left uninsulated it can be a personnel safety issue, and the pipeline will have to work twice as hard to maintain the proper temperature.

Insulation in a brewery is key to precisely controlling each aspect of the brewing process and in the end leading to an exceptional and consistent final product.

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Application of Radial Wrap™ on brewing systems, fermenters, and brite tanks.



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