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A Surprising Solution for Your Large Diameter Pipe & Vessel Needs

Posted by Brittney Fells

While we offer multiple industrial insulation solutions, there is one option that is ideal for use on large diameter pipes and vessels. When compared to segmented products, Radial Wrap™ rolled fiberglass insulation offers many of the same insulating properties but is far more flexible, simpler to install, and offers our customers a great alternative solution.

Radial Wrap™ is manufactured from bio-soluble glass fibers that are bonded in a random orientation with a thermosetting resin, which allows it to combine excellent compressive strength with flexibility.

Here are 5 other great features that make this product the perfect solution for your next pipe and vessel insulation job:

Radial Wrap Infographic

Want to learn more about this great product? Check out our online product catalog and contact us to order Radial Wrap™ for your next job!

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