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Colloquialisms of the Industrial Insulation Industry

Posted by Brittney Fells on Jan 24, 2018 9:27:00 AM

When you work in the industrial insulation industry for several years, you start to notice the number of product names that exist. Some terms you may not be familiar with and others you may hear every day. The difference in terminology can all depend on where you are located or even what part of the world you live.  For example, pipe and tank wrap is called a different name based on your location. In Europe, it goes by Lamella.

Below you will find a list of common products and what they are also known as, created by the GLT Products team.

Product Name

Also Known As


Cell Glass and Fart Rock (hydrogen sulfide is produced in the manufacturing process, and if the Foamglas is scratched, a gas is released that smells like rotten eggs)

Pipe and Tank Wrap

Lamella, Rigid Wrap, Big Wrap, and Bend-a-Board

Mass Loaded Vinyl

MLV, Vinaflex™ and Barrium Loaded Vinyl            (although no longer made with Barrium) 

Temp Mat

E-Glass, Burlglass,  Burlglass 1200 and Glass Mat

Muffle Jac

MLV laminated to metal, Acousti-Jac, Quiet-Jac

Aluminum Roll Jacketing



Cross Crimped

Stone Wool

Mineral Wool, Stone Fiber, Slag Wool, and Rock Wool


Coating/Adhesive used to seal over pipe for protection from elements


PVC Fitting Covers

El Jacs

Aluminum Elbows


Glassfab, Fabglass, Scrim glass, and Glass Lagging Cloth

Extruded Polystyrene

Styrofoam, Foam insulation and XPS


Glass Fiber and Glass Wool 

The list above is constantly growing, and new terms will be formed as the years roll by. If any terms come to mind, please leave a comment below so we can add to our list of colloquialisms.

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